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İngilizce Farabinin Hayatı

Konu, 'Bilim Adamları' kısmında Mahmut Hoca tarafından paylaşıldı.

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    Mahmut Hoca Yeni Üye

    Farabinin İngilizce Hayatı
    İngilizce Farabinin Hayatı

    Great Turkish philosopher Hegira 269, 870 in the Gregorian Maveraünnehir'deki Farab (Otar) was born in the town Recep in 339 Hegira, that is the Gregorian 950 died in Damascus in October First of a merchant, given to him after reading a corpus of Aristotle's philosophy, is said to wonder at that Farabi, learn, teach and trouble to write all kinds of twists, bulmuşsa science where there is gone Baghdad "Nestorian" Mata thousand scholars from the Abu Bishr ibn-al Sarac Grammar Yunus studied logic and Abu Bakr Harran, philosophy and more than Sabil kurre Fixed thousand of the ideas explored Many youth have come to Baghdad, where you had learned in Hebrew

    Farabi traveled during her Turkish costume, a simple and humble life was spent Samanoğulları'ndan one, separated from Baghdad at the invitation of the Abode, where all the works of Aristotle translated into Arabic Well-known name is lost in this encyclopedic work, Ettalimüssani'dir This work thus the second teacher to him, "Muallimisani" is the title (Among Muslim philosophers "Muallimleyyel", ie, 'Chief Teacher' Aristotle) His John thousand Haylan (Jean Gilan or Geblad), a Christian from studying philosophy are told, this is doubtful

    Seyfüddavle'nin in Aleppo under the auspices of more than one hundred books and booklets written by Farabi known Among them: Plato, Afrodizyalı Alexandre, Zenon, plot and description of the works are Porphyre'in Logic, psychology, metaphysics, natural sciences, politics, morality, dialectic, grammar, astronomy, and for music that dealt with the issues Also mentioned that it invented a musical instrument, similar to the law

    Farabi, not only as a philosopher, mathematician, physician and scholar known as music Uğraşmamıştır Doktorlukla directly Exaggerated stories about his life are mutually repellent The truth is that, after finishing their education went to Aleppo, there have been respected because of the virtues of knowledge and kinds, I Hamdan'ın Seyfüddin Ali's palace in Damascus and with it the increasingly accepted in this city ölmüştürBir rumor, was killed by bandits

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